Alex Fink

Alex Fink

I am a Reader in Pure Mathematics in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London.

Office: 312, Maths Building, Mile End campus (number 4 on this map)
Telephone: 020 7882 5520
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Office hours: see my entry on the School's pages. Or email for an appointment.

Here is my CV.

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Teaching and tutoring

In Semester B I am teaching MTH4104, Introduction to Algebra.

In previous years I have taught an advanced graduate module on Enumerative Combinatorics at the London Taught Course Centre.


I am the Director of Postgraduate Research for the School of Mathematical Sciences. You can email me with questions about our PhD programme. Administrative queries on admissions can also be sent to Katie Hale, our Postgraduate Research Programme Officer.


Diane Maclagan and Felipe Rincón and I had planned to run a workshop titled Algebraic Geometry of Matroids at ICMS in the autumn of 2020, but because of the coronavirus the workshop will not in fact run then. We are working on plans to postpone the workshop to after ICMS reopens.

Some past activities organised:


I have three current PhD students:

My former students are Zeinab Toghani was a recent postdoc of mine.


I share interests with the Algebra and Number Theory, Combinatorics, and Geometry and Analysis research groups at Queen Mary. It is the Algebra and Number Theory group which I am formally affiliated with.

My research interests are principally in algebraic combinatorics, especially where commutative algebra or algebraic geometry apply, including matroid theory and tropical geometry.

I have previously held EPSRC grant EP/M01246X/1 Algebra and geometry of matroids and Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant No 792432 Tropical differential geometry.

Publications (and talk slides)

Journal articles, conference papers, preprints
Doctoral thesis
My thesis was titled Matroid polytope subdivisions and valuations. Aside from an introduction all its content appears in the papers above.

Expository writing, manuscripts